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    Plugin category: Administration, World Edit

    Suggested name: NoDamage

    What I want: A plugin like Residence to protect the whole world from any damage except mining / woodcutting and players should be able to claim a area to build a village, only village-members can build there. Damage should be on in a village.

    Please make a function to auto-move to a certain group when claiming or joining a village :)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, except for claiming a area (using world edit?) and joining a village (and kicking someone out).

    Ideas for permissions: nodamage.bypass To bypass area protection and some permissions needed for the setup of the village (claiming, joining, kicking).
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

    Residence can already do this with world flags.
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    That is nice! Which flag should I use? And there cant be any damage to the world outside villages except mining/woodcutting?
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

    Well what do you mean by only allow mining/woodcutting... Wouldn't that mean allowing them to gather any block?
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    Yes, but I want the map protected from firedamage, fireballs, fire spread, creeper explosions and such
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

    Yeah so you would, in your config set the following flags to false for world perms:
    and set these to false:
    "fireball"(Note: this is only available in the latest dev build)
    Or just this to encompass all three of the above.
    "explode"(Note: this is only available in the latest dev build)

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