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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Dr_Bunsen, Sep 29, 2012.

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    I have been using buckit with great pleasure. But now I find that, whenever I have been in gm 1, I can't be damaged anymore, not by falling or monsters attacking me, neither does fire hurt me. Arrows do even bounce of me(image).
    All other players are getting their share of damage just fine.

    I am using :

    Api 1.1-R2.0

    This issues only started happening after updating to that buckit version(recommend build).
    I am currently using the following plugins:

    [edit] I do have to eat btw, I don't know what happens when I starf myself, I will do that now. I can't starf or drown either [/edit]


    Yes I am using both towny and griefprevention, but those dont cause trouble.

    And here is my permissions.yml:

    I am currently running on Ubuntu 11.10 using Sun java 7.
    And I have got enough ram left, the server runs perfectly smooth.

    Do you guys have any idea? Thanks in advance.

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    I've just check your permissions.yml and it contains jCommands nodes, do you still run/use that plugin (when that issue occurs)?
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    I thought I did, since /home is from Jcommands, weird /plugins didnt list it..... since its working alright.
    why? does jcommands cause this?
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    Do /jc or /jcommands and if "jCommands vX.X.X", etc... comes up then you're running it. I don't think jCommands causes this... How do you change gamemode, /gm or /gamemode PLAYER 1?

    Also what version of jCommands are you using?
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    I am using v1.1.4.
    But for asfar as I know, the plugin hasnt been since(last time I checked was a month after the rc bukkit I use).
    and I use /gamemode 1 name.

    Going to check for an update for jcommands right away :p [edit] no update

    But I do think jcommands has nothing to do with the issue, do you have any other ideas?
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    There is an update but it wasn't pushed to the plugin/servers because it was a Dev build ( because the commands.yml was causing admins some problems. Also jCommands only uses /gm so do that until you're in Survival mode and then report back.
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    yeah I saw the dev built(not using it, you think I should?).
    Used /gm when you mentioned in the other post, no succes, I restarted the server, no succes, still unable to get damage.

    [edit] O I see, you are the guy behind jCommands xD
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    The dev build only removes the commands.yml, so it's optional. Also do /ungod, that stops damage, but I don't know about reflecting arrows, etc...
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    EDIT: Never mind, being silly.
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    being silly is in no way a problem ;)
    Thanks for even trying to help

    The effect /ungod had? zero :(
    Bukkit, y u no clear to me? Y am I god? xD

    what's up with removing the commands.yml?

    Thanks for trying to figuring out btw(not that its fixed, but still)

    [edit] shit just got worse, I cant mine anything anymore, I think the server thinks I am dead, but I am not, lemme test /kill XD, right after I am done with dinner :p

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    Sorry for the wait, had to fix my site's database. I removed commands.yml because it disabled the command for every plugin. Also i'm out of ideas... Sorry
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    No problem(for both the sorries), thanks anyways, I just have to life with the fact I am never going to die :'(
    But I will report back when I find a fix :)
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    mercyless selfbump
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    I've found the problem and fixed it. v1.1.5 will be out on Tuesday.
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    It was a problem with Jcommands?
    That was unexpected, thanks for telling bro, cant wait. Jcommands is awesome ;)
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    Yep, updated Jcommands, everything is working alright now.
    Thanks again(and thanks too for jwarp)
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