NMS NMSHelper - Makes NMS code, compatible across all versions!

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How do you currently implement NMS?

  1. Special cases for each version of Bukkit

  2. A hacked up implementation of java reflection

  3. I just switched to NMSHelper

  4. Other, reply below

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  5. I don't

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    @Konato_K Well you have to write a new class for every version so thats like using Reflection and making the plugin disable if they use it on a higher version then the plugin dev released it for. Reflection is used so the Server Owners can update their server without having the plugin break. But when the NMS changes their method names all the server owner does is downgrade and contact the Developer of the plugin. Simple.
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    @MCMatters Yes, I have to make a class for each version, but I keep backwards compatibility no matter what happens and it does work across all versions, also, if someone uses it in a higher version then it won't work because it's not intended to work, I can't predict if the methods will change or not in the next version, so it's better for my plugin to not try to work with possible broken reflection.

    After all, writing a new class doesn't take more than a couple minutes.
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