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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by gamemster2468, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    So I am very new to NMS, and I have been looking tutorial after tutorial. I am trying to spawn a villager that has a custom name, does not move, cannot be pushed, but head does follow the player. I plan to turn this villager into a merchant, to use for shops. I am having a hard trouble spawning the custom entity. Here is my code:


    Hope someone can help and thanks for your time!
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    There's no need for nms here. BTW nms screams trouble and problems. Avoid it. As much as possible. Here you can use some math to calculate yaw and pitch to connect to the closest player. Then set it. In a scheduler. And just set it to NoAI and you're done =)
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    @ArsenArsen I don't want to use a scheduler, and I understand the problems of NMS, but I still wish to peruse this course.
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    Well for that you will have to create a class that extends EntityVillager and you will have to remove and add the PathFinderGoals you wish. Then you can change the attributes of the entity so that it doesn't move (I don't remember the one in perticular) and ofcourse you will have to add it in the map of entities to be able to spawn it.
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