Night Of The Living Dead

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    Someone please make this plugin!

    I want to be able to control the spawn amount of each creature type.

    The above would stop the spiders from spawning, allow 1 skeleton to spawn as normal, and would allow a random number between 10-20 zombies to spawn everytime the game would normally spawn 1 zombie.

    Also creatures that normaly suffer from combustion during the day should have a switch.

    Also aging should be allowed, where a creature like a zombie could turn into a skeleton.
    skeletons_age=die 12
    zombies_age=skeleton 48

    The above would turn zombies into skeletons after 48 in game hours, not real hours, and would kill off skeletons automatically after 12 in game hours.

    Also the mobs shouldn't disappear after you get too far away from them, but should have a limit that the operator could set.

    The above would remove the oldest mobs from the game as newer ones spawned in.

    Zombies sense range should be doubled. In other words, Zombies should be able to see a player from twice their normal distance, probably also configurable.

    Another nice configurable option would be to make Zombies persistent. Meaning once they've seen the player, they won't stop trying to find a way to get to the player under any circumstance.

    Please someone make this, so I can live out my fantasy of a Zombie Apocalypse!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mob Control?

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