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    I wish for a plugin which says "The corpses are rising..." when night starts, and possibly one which says "The undead are burning. You are safe for now" at Dawn.
  2. Easy, coding right now :3 ill do that for ya.

    I will need the know the name of your world for this to work.

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    I suggest adding a config so this could be used more commonly for everyone.
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    It is called 'world'
  5. I
    ll just make a config file xD, well Ill try to code this as soon as I can.
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    Why do you need to know the name of the world? Just use the following code sample to get the main world of the server.
    World world = Bukkit.getServer().getWorlds().get(0);
  8. Or:

    World world = player.getWorld().gatName();
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    True, that is even easier if you already have the Player object.

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