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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8
    Suggested name : Nick
    What I want:
    I need a plugin that change your nick name in chat, tab and player name (above player head)
    so the player can choose if it random or can pick a name
    but they can't use the command anywhere only in lobby
    + skin changes randomly in both ways (idk how you ganna add this by names or skins in config i dont mind any ways)

    How it works ?

    when player use /nick , it opens a gui as to choose color first then after this another gui open with random or
    specific nick.
    if the player chooses random, it gives player a random nick
    if the player chooses specific name, gui closes and it gives a chat msg with 1 min to write name in chat but it doesnt show to other players
    chat message :
    Please write nick in chat you have 1 minute.

    1-if the player closes the gui it cancel the event with chat message
    2-config has blocked names that you cant choose
    3-you can only allowed to use letters or numbers for a nick
    4- blocks colors:
    blue Clay block = Light blue &9
    Gold Block = Dark yellow &6
    Diamond block = Light turquoise &b
    lime Clay block = Light green &a
    Purpled Clay block = Purple &5
    5-When the player disconnect everything goes as it was with the original name + original color before nicked

    chat message :
    Nick | Cancel - for everything if the player chooses a blocked name or closes the gui

    for example :

    /nick - to open gui
    /unnick - to remove nickname and color to default

    Ideas for permissions :
    nicknamer.nick- to use /nick
    nicknamer.unnick- to use /unnick
    nicknamer.admin - to reload config , all permission
    nicknamer.lightblue -
    Light blue - Dark yellow
    nicknamer.diamond - Light turquoise - Light green
    nicknamer.purple - Purple

    When I'd like it by this week

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