New Wool Colors?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BlueChoco, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Would anyone be possibly able to add in various colors/shades of existing wool blocks, to help fill in the already existing colors? Along with it's adding more variety to pixel art and more, it would be quite interesting to see how people would handle having more choices. Such as I don't like certain blues, but there's a shade I'd prefer but it's not there. To help fill in voids of colors, due to the nature of texture packs it won't obviously mesh well I'm sure.

    Mostly due to various lacking shades/colors, people are often forced to pick and choose carefully. That or pick something else aside from wool, which while it's nice will vary from each pack more. Stone and such will vary in color and pattern, yes you can lock people to a specific texture pack but still. Even then the colors won't always match up, and it becomes a nightmare as you try creating new things. Sure maybe in the very far distance things look well, but usually close up you can notice how it all appears.

    I'm mostly asking on behalf of one pixel artist, but no doubt sure there are others who wish for this also. Those who don't wish to really step forward, make a request and try taking a gamble on seeing if it could be done. We have a few colors and some slight shades, but the limitations are very noticeable. Even using wood, stone, brick, netherrack, etc it's going to work depending on texture packs. So really what I'm asking is someone able to, pull together new colors/shades or at least help see this through?

    I don't think Minecraft is really all about "pixel art" or anything, it's what people want it to be clearly of course. With the 1.8 update focusing more on adventure, it's obvious that we'll not be taking other things into consideration for a while. Usually as we see new things added, we usually try incorporating into our additions. Some things work and other things break, depending on what's been added and more.

    Really though not sure they will consider this a huge priority, and wondering if someone is wishing to help us out. Obviously not wanting to have any major conflicts of plugins, but seeing this through would be a blessing for all sorts of builders.:)
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    I Support 100% :p

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