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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by dennisgoh456, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Hello , im thinking that is that even posible to make a weapon and armor enchant with level? Example i have a sharpness 5 fire aspect 2 sword and i can enchant it with a Enchant Stone and i will get a sharpness 5 fireaspect 2 sword with +1 . So if i go on and enchant it to +2 +5 +15 and i will get extra damage, just like the mmorpg games enchant system. So im just going to ask is that posible to make this kind of plugins? Will anybody going try to make this plugins? :eek::eek::eek:
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    What do the levels do?
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    add damage , example [+1 = 10 damage] [+3 = 17 damage]

    armor same, more high enchant , more def
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    So.. it's basically sharpness?
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    @dennisgoh456 I can try it out if u want to, it would be a great learning experience for me :)
    If you can kindly provide how would you want to obtain the Enchant Stones I can probably make it.
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    @DogeGamingPRO make it drop from monster or craft with some special metirials maybe:eek:


    @Scimiguy yeah is basicly just same like sharpness but the sharpness 5 will be the normal sword effect .
    Example this diamond sword enchantment is adding speed [haste] and some other effect like bleed , burn , or slowness , and the +1 +2 +3 sword enchantment will add the sword damage.
    so player can choose what type of sword they wan with many different effect , and they can enchant it to add more damage

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    So what you're actually looking for is custom enchantments?
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