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  1. Plugin category: Teleport

    Suggested name: commandwarp

    A bit about me: I am a cool server owner and i really just need this plugin

    What I want: I want a plugin that allows some warps to be commands. Such as /warp market to just be /market this would help owners alot. It has to be compatible with essentials warps. Thanks! i hope this becomes a plugin

    Ideas for commands: Well to select a warp as a command do /cw create <warp name> <command warp name> to delete a warp command do /cw delete <command warp name>

    Ideas for permissions: To create a command warp: commandwarp.create
    to delete a command warp: commandwarp.delete
    to warp with the command: warp commandwarp.use

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Similar plugin requests: please tell me of there is a plugin already like this.
  2. You can use CommandHelper. You can basically "forward" a command to other commands.


    /market = /warp market

    Whenever a user types /market, they really execute /warp market.
  3. yes but i want to do it for any warp
  4. So then do it for any warp. Please actually look into my suggestion before commenting back...
  5. Offline


    For example /build = /warp build /market = /warp market and on command helpers page they show you some cool commands other people have made with it.
  6. Well how would i make commandhelper say stuff on command with essentials chat. like
    /mod = (essentials chat) <player> Need help msg me!
  7. This is in the FRP. Please read it before posting plugins.
  8. Yes but i dont know how to use mcdocs
  9. No, use Commander for this.
  10. Any way i can do it with used to its config file

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