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If this plugin was made, would you use it on your server?

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  1. So you'v enchanted your weapons, tools and armor, and you still have some left, and your working on that one project that you just need to get over the hill with... why not use some of that xp and buy an hour of creative mode?

    Here's my thinking, i have 100 levels of xp... for every 10 levels of xp you can buy 1 hour of creative mode, then after that level of creative mode is over, you can then again buy more if you want. This will encourage players to go adventuring into dungeons and kill mobs for xp. Its a plugin that iv thought alot about and i wish i knew how to create plugins cause id love to make it, but i know there are far better programmers out there.

    If you think this would be a great plugin please let me know, thanks for reading my post!

    Shankara Rhuddlan
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    Format it :3
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    Level 10 is really easy to get. An hour of spawning in Diamond Blocks and Bedrock, then griefing..
  4. im going to redo this post as it was mentioned i need to reformat it, but as in reguards to that, my server is only friends and family, i know them, and its more of an incentive for them to go adventuring in dungeons. some people wanna just build, some want the experience of getting their own materials and working hard, i think this meets everyone down the middle

    Shankara Rhuddlan
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    creative = unlimited exp = unlimited creative => Unlimited griefing
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    You could blacklist Bottles O' Enchanting.
    Also, you could WorldGuard regions that you don't want griefed.

    I could do this, and it's a good idea. I'm gonna get to work :D
    Anyone have a name?

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  7. thanks Pogo, sorry i didnt reformat the post yet... something simple, originally i thought creative buy or something but what ever you want, if your going to code it, i think you should get to choose... seems only fair, and i appreciate the help.

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