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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pa1n, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Seems notch just released the update and can't connect either bukkit or hey0. Wonder how long before a fix is available.
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    Unless someone updates hMod, i think it's gonna be a long wait. As i see, Bukkit is not nearly ready yet.
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    Updates sounds awesome, need a server update :D
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    Hubbe King

    Hmm well maybe in the next git update? :O
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    And hey0 forums are down again. I guess people are expecting hmod update in first minute after notch did. I wish their F5 key broke, so we can access the forums :)
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    I notcied this as well Im sure Hmod will get updated first, I read that they will continue to support and update Hmod until bukkit was released to public as a working version. Then even hey0 said Hmod will be dead. I too await an update by while im here I was also wondering if anyone has a link to the Jar file for the current WIP bukkit release if any. As the Staff and my self on our server are using a FTP link I provided to get some config settings ported to bukkit ready for when bukkit is released.
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    I hate Notch's forced updates!

    I wonder if the build from 6 hours ago will work?
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    The bukkit team expects the dev version of bukkit to be working sometime today or tommorow. No ETA on hmod as we have not heard from hey0 at this time.
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    LOL, Hmod, what is HMod?
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    same as hey0
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    That was an attempt at humor...... I would drive down the interstate and throw my computer out in front of a big truck before putting HMod back on it!
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    Why?? I mean, i would definitely say that about the standard Minecraft server.jar (released by mojang) but i really (myself) loved hey0 myself...
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