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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sirphoenixblood, Sep 27, 2011.

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    So i am starting a server for RP and to do videos with. I understand how to use cmd and commands but so far i am lost in the sea of plugins. That i can use i am looking for help on picking out the best of the best for the server plugins

    ~what the server is going to be used for~

    1. Doing Minecraft machinima

    2. Role Play

    3. i want to set up shops selling/buying

    4. building for the machinima

    5. A far off area so my GF can go do her art and griefing it once she is done as she always loves to rip down what she just build after days of work -_- dont ask why

    6. protection areas from Creepers and my Girlfriend griefing

    7. the Cursed Lands plugin is a must with all of this as its going to be a plot tool for the RP as well as the videos

    8. Server is running 1.8.1 ((bukkit 1185 build))

    9. its going to be a small server so 20 people max ((for now if i find more ppl to help or that i can trust i will make it bigger i have a server at home as i run a webpage so i can make it up to about 150 max))

    10. anything else i might need for all of this to work as well

    anyone that answer this just don't leave a name of a plugin PLZ leave the LINK AS WELL

    ~list of Plugins i have found and plan to use~
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    Try Guardian when its out.
    herochat / mChat
    Towny / Residence
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    anyone know the name of the plugin for trees to drop apples and Sticks when u cut down a tree

    I found one never mind
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    I highly doubt that just because you have a server that runs a webpage, it'll be able to support 150 players on a normal residential connection.
    What's your upload speed?

    I'm not trying to fight, I'm just trying to say that it's highly unlikely for a residential connection to support 150 players. Can you show me your result image? (I'm more curious than wanting to fight)

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    With 1.8 out, and 1.9, server usage has gone up, thus reducing amount of players you can host.

    Unless you have godly internet, and dedicated box, than you could hold 150,

    Also your ISP tell's you you have XXX D/U speed, but you don't get the full 100% of it, you know that right?

    Than again, depends on your location, atleast that's how it works up North in CDN.
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    Have Skillz for the Skills.
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    @ChrizC is just trying to help you;
    Better you realize the impossibility of your "potential plan" now, before you start, as opposed to when you're trying to raise the cap on your server to 150...

    Internet speed isn't the only thing to consider when running a server; you also need to account for RAM and CPU speed.
    Do you know the specs of the computer you plan to host on?

    The more plugins you add, the less people you'll be able to support with a static amount of RAM.
    If you only have 4GB of RAM to start with, you probably only want to allocate 2GB to the server. That leaves you with a very small amount of people; about 20 on a vanilla server.
    With bukkit, and 5 to 10 plugins, you'll probably only be able to support 5-10 people without lag.

    Just some constructive criticism to consider when you think about running a minecraft server.
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    Many problems here;
    A) Why a powerful graphics card in a SERVER?
    B) Why 144GB of RAM when SBS2011 only supports 32GB of RAM?
    C) Why so many hard drives?

    As I said, I'm just curious. How'd you manage to ruffle up the ~$11k+ required to build this? Plus the two internet connections?
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    Also this:
    Last time i checked, graphics cards don't go in server. :oops:

    Maybe install linux on yo server for more ramz
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    From now on i will ignore ANYTHING AT ALL THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT TO ANYONE BEING A FUCKING DICK WEED and to eveyrone else that is being nice i will talk to u and answer u only i didnt come here to have to deal with stupid ass fucking people i came here for help if u cant do that then i will block u end of story
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