Suggestion New Plugin search system is total crap

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Paedow, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. The old plugin search system was just perfect: easy-to-use, clear and fast
    The new plugin system is totally overfilled, complicated, doesn't find a lot of plugins and annoys every visitor with a five seconds countdown

    It's okay if you want to have that, but why did you shutdown the old search interface? You could easily have them both. Please give back the old plugin search interface !!!!!11
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  2. I assume you're referring to This was maintained by lukegb. Curse opted not to take it over and switched to their own system, found here.
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    I also like the old system more.
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    I want it when I click on Get plugins, it will take me to
  5. @ChipDev @Paedow You could still go to the site but it didn't update, that is why it was changed. As @AdamQpzm said it was maintained by Luke who had to keep scraping the plugin list. There is still the BukkitDev plugin search, it's not the old one but it is similar and updates.
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