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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by jamescosten, May 6, 2011.

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    Hey Guys, I love using bukkit and so i just created a Youtube video channel to show of these plugins. There reviews of various plugins. I will be adding new ones every week, perhaps even more frequent depending on Prior Engagements.

    The channel is :

    I'd really appreciate the support.
    If you want a tutorial video or a review of a plugin before installing it yourself just message or comment below. I hope people find them Interesting.

    So far i have reviewed :

    Flow Control :
    Claygen :
    Blast Control :
    Tesla Coil :
    Chest Harvester : (NEW)
    Portecoulissante : (NEW)
    Redeem Code : (NEW)

    I've also decided to do some tutorial video's :

    Permission simple and quick guide : (NEW)
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    I've done this for a while too. (because I have spare time, I'm not dedicating my life to bukkit)
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    My main reason is to help the new players joining my server, a kind of user guide as you will.
    Whats the link mate would love to see some. Pinch a few ideas lol.

    I dont mind dedicating my time to bukkit, its a good cause.
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    Okay... here
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    *Bump * New Videos added go have a look. Also if you want any reviews added just tell me the plugin your thinkin of insatlling and i will review for you :)
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    *Bump * New Video added - Chest Harvester has been reviewed.

    Check it out guys and let me know what you think.
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    +1 for your videos, and I subscribed! I really like your videos :D
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    Cheers man, you got a plugin you want reviewed??
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    I can't think of any unfortunately... But since there have been quite a bit of people asking stuff like "How do I use permissions?" "Help! Permissions does not work!" "How do I use permissions" ect. I was thinking you could make a tutorial on how to "Configure" permissions since I have seen most of the videos on YouTube about Permsissions are about how to download it. That would be really helpful and we could just use you're video if someone asks how to use permissions.
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    I will start on that today and get uploaded in next few days :) You eran yourself a [diamond]
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    I might be interested in helping you with your content on the channel itself - perhaps as a reviewer? :p Don't want to steal the fun, though.
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    Yeah mate will message you As soon as i get home, im at work now. Cheers for the offer.
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    I just made a quick guide for permissions, i say quick.

    Have a look if your confused with permission setup.

    New Video posted for portecoulissante plugin.

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