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Discussion in 'Resources' started by mjmr89, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, I'd like to share something I've been working on. It's similar to something that was posted here a while ago, but in my opinion, it didn't do enough. As I remember, it only made the directories, not changing the <Your Name> and <Plugin Name> parts. I can't find it again to check and make sure I wasn't using it wrong, but anyway, heres my small java app for it. It's not very sophisticated, but it does the job. Run the bat and enter the information, then copy the files in the PluginName folder it creates to your src folder in the project. Of course, you can edit the template files (in .txt form right now because when I have it in my eclipse project, it keeps thinking its a source file as .java) as you see fit. I'm still pretty new at Java, so if anybody has suggestions on how to code it better, let me know. I'll probably give it a GUI and an option to pick where it exports the new files to, but that will come later.

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    does it use the template in the jar file or the folder that is in the zip with it?
    also is there a way i can add another template file into it, so it will do the auto naming thing to other files i use like a timer and a event handler?
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    Meh, I'd ignore this altogether - people have made much better ones, I'd check those out if I were you.
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    Any reference to them? It'd be nice to know which one's are good and which aren't for those starting out
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    You may no longer use com.bukkit, so I guess that should be altered.
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