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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Monkey_Swag, Jan 11, 2014.

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    Hey guys, so I was thinking that maybe there should be some kind of "Donator Perks" category on BukkitDev! I have personally released/am working on/ thought of many plugins that would fall under the category of something like "Donator Perks", and about every Bukkit server has donator ranks. I'm not REALLY asking for a new "Donator Perks" category, but I want to see all of your thoughts on it! Thanks!
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    Neat idea, but I would have tried to come up with something more generic since you're talking about a whole new category. It should be able to apply to a bunch of different plugins, right?

    So the real idea behind "donator perks" is access to a new feature by only a limited number of users. Meaning, why limit yourself to just "donators" -- you could also include plugins that add features for... say... white-listed people... on a server that has a "whitelist" but allows anyone to login. A better name would that would be a list of trusted people. Anyway, such a plugin can easily be swapped between being a "donator" perk and being a "trusted people" perk by just changing your definition of a "donator" to someone you trust.

    So, if you make a category about it, I would try to include the general idea of giving a perk to a group of people, not necessarily donators.

    Not sure what I'd call that category, since a lot of plugins give you the ability to configure features via permissions.
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