Problem/Bug New nicknames, it's a disaster!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wrendan, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Since mojang allowed to change nicknames, many people in my server change it from others very different. I am not able to identify them when I'm playing so I really don't know who's each person who connects to my server
    Any command, any solution?

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    set nicknames in the essentials config to false so that it thinks there is a 3rd party plugin that will do it but there isnt. this is what i did and everythings fine for me.
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    Maybe this is too simple, but... tried just asking them?
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    Use UUID's?
  5. @xtoolbearx He means IGN's not Essentials nicknames.
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    ask is not a solution.
    Need like a command or just a method!
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    there is none solution i think.. you could only try to learn every uuid :D
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    tell me

    Where can I store all uids?
    And where can I see them, in which folder of the server?

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  10. @Wrendan All player data are stored with UUIDs. What UUID data do you want? UUIDs have been around for a while now, pretty much everything was prepared.
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    There are all UUIDs saved. if you want to resolve then go to But i think this is useless because if someone changes his name and you resolve it again the new name will be shown.
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