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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by MCMastery, Aug 17, 2016.


Do you think we need a new moderator?

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    Hello. I think this forum needs a new moderator. With @mrCookieSlime leaving, we now only have one... @timtower has to take all the crap from the 1000s of members we have xD

    Also, the forum's content has been degrading IMO... not helpful questions are more common.

    I think we need a new moderator.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @MCMastery What defines a helpful question?
    And we still have other staff to handle everything when I am not here.
  3. @MCMastery Well, if Curse thinks that Tim cannot handle it I'm sure they'll look into another. Personally I think the forum has been running fine recently, my reports are getting solved in 5 mins max and people don't seem to be waiting ages for post approval. When Tim was away yes there needed to be a mod at that point since Cookie was not active and Tim was gone, response time was slow but still happening. Curse has about 4/5 members who work behind the scenes.

    TL;DR: If Curse feels the need for another, there will be another.
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  4. I think we need a new Moderator! Tim is having to do all the work himself now, I could name a few nominations of mine who would be great Mods, (Just my opinion)

    @Zombie_Striker and @AlvinB are great members of the community, Obviously if they didn't want to be Moderator, Not my place to decide. This was just an example. But they're still doing great replying to threads.
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    I agree.
    @Zombie_Striker was always a nice person. He helped out a lot and always tried to help users as much as he could!
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