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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jamesthatguy, Jul 1, 2013.

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    So with since 1.6 has come out it is only a matter of time till the infamous 1.7 comes out which is supposedly supposed to contain the new mod api that is supposed to replace all other apis. Considering the api was has been getting postponed quite a bit I would not be surprised if it was postponed some more. The reason I created this thread was to hear everyone's thoughts on how this change will effect the minecraft community in general. Not just bukkit but servers as well. Will this make plugin development automatically 10x harder? I most certainly hope not.

    Personally, I do not like it. I do not like the idea of combing the plugin server community with the minecraft modding community and I am a bit afraid as to what it will lead to. I am not sure if this is just my conservative self getting to me or if anyone else feels this way. I am interested in hearing people's opinions on the topic.
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    You do realize that mods and plugins are going to basically be the same thing with the new api, right? Bukkit still plans on being Bukkit with its own plugin-writing community.

    In my own opinion, I can't wait. I love my mods and I love the control and support of Bukkit plugins like WorldEdit and PermissionsEX. The only viable way to have the best of both worlds in one right now is through a separate community that builds off Bukkit's mappings to put Forge in there, and while I love it for what it allows me to do, there are times where it's not very stable with Bukkit plugins. I would very much prefer a Mojang-supported modding api built into the game alongside Bukkit's solid codework and community.
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    I want the modding API out already. Bukkit's event system too slow :\
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    IIRC, the API was supposed to be out in 1.4. Then they said it might come out in 1.5. Then they promised it in 1.6, then said "oops, never mind!"
    I wouldn't be surprised if they held it back for another few versions yet. I think it'll be alright, though, even if we may receive even more junk plugins than we do now. I am looking forward to controlling more core mechanics, which they did promise in their API announcement panel ("If you don't like creepers exploding, just delete the part that makes creepers explode!").
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    I am excited to see the mod API come out. I think the best thing will be is that you can update your server as soon as the update comes out, instead of waiting a day or two. I am hoping it will be generally the same as Bukkit, and that Bukkit will increase their horizon to more advanced coding, making Bukkit a more enhanced version of the Minecraft server API.
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    I like API's, whether they're Bukkit's or Minecraft's.
    I don't really mind the postponing, if things don't work like they should you simply shouldn't be releasing them.
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