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    Great Idea for a Plugin:
    New Mobs,
    Herobrine, can be conjured by an altar, just like in the mod, and will say <Herobrine> Now that I am Released I will bring night upon this world until one of you kills me!
    And so it becomes night (with essentials support and /time day commands dont work anymore) and he fights you with fireballs.

    Israphel, who is seen in the real world, leading an army of creepers, he throws tnt at you. He could talk also, but instead of an evil like herobrine he should talk like hes in the creeper mafia.

    What It requires: Someone who can take the original Herobrine mod and modify it in javascript
    Someone who can texture, (I can) although there probably a herobrine and israphel skin out there.
    And support.
    This plugin could add some horror to the game, as well as some adventure, so that's why i keep the choice of letting herobrine exist or not (im freaked out by him). So thanks, and hope this will eventually become a plugin!
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    Not possible with bukkit. You need a client side mod. Minecraft is written in Java not JavaScript.
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    Its possible with upcoming Spout/Spoutcraft. Please change title to reflect that this request requires these. :)

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