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    Hello there, I just had this amazing idea for a minigame in Minecraft! This is just an idea I had, If there are any games like this out there, then I'm sorry. If you have some fetaures or want to remove anything, be my guest. I just wrote this to make you understand the idea for the game :)
    Team one:
    This is a team of maximum 16 players who starts with basic fighting tools like armor, sword and bow. Their goal is to get to a random place on the map, without getting killed. They have a compass leading them to their checkpoint. When every last alive player have got to the checkpoint they win the game.​
    Team two:
    This is where the fun parts begins. Team two is disguised as mobs who each have there own speciall ability. There goal is to stop the "fighters" from getting to a speciall place on the map. This team also respawns after # seconds.​
    - Players are picked randomly who starts as mobs and fighters​
    - There is a countdown to the game starts​
    - Before the game starts, players can select a class that will help them fight against the mobs​
    - Players spawn in a spawn area, but mobs spawns randomly on the map.​
    - Players who starts as mobs is also picked randomly on wich mob-type they get​
    Every mob gives damage when touch a player​
    - Creeper​
    Strength: Have the ability to place active TNT on the ground, in a small radius​
    Weakness: Can't run, take damage when placing TNT​
    - Spider​
    Strength: Can climb walls and set cobweb on the ground​
    Weakness: Get blindness when hit​
    - Enderman​
    Strength: Can teleport using ender pearls and move players away # blocks when hit them​
    Weakness: Can't get through 2 blocks high entrence (must be 3 blocks or more high)​
    - Zombie​
    Strength: Spawns with a stone sword
    Weakness: Can't run
    - Skeletton
    Strength: Spawn with a bow and 20 arrows, can ride spiders
    Weakness: Can't run

    - Knight
    Strength: Spawn with an Iron sword, black leather armor and Knockback 1 stick
    - Archer
    Strength: Spawns with a Power 2 bow and 32 arrows, White leather armor and Knockback 1 stick
    - Wizard
    Strength: If killed by a mob, the player will turn into that mob in # seconds (Don't get the abilities to that mob). Blue leather armor, Wood sword and Knockback 1 stick
    - Hunter
    Strength: Can turn invicible for # seconds, spawn with wood sword, Green leather armor and Knockback 1 stick

    VIP or Bought Rank:
    This rank can be given to both teams, only for those who are VIP
    - Herobrine
    Strength: Have the ability to freeze all mobs/players for # seconds, can set every mob/player on fire for # seconds (These can only be used two times in one game) Starts with Stone sword with sharpness 2

    I did not write down the commands or the config options, If you want to make a plugin like this, please contact me for ideas for commands and config options :)

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    Windy Day

    Reverse DvZ but I like the idea :)

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