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    Hey i am currently coding a Minigame plugin with a mix of everything essentially.

    There will be a Total of 4 Teams with a score of 60 each(customizable) everytime a player dies the team loses a points.

    Now essentially it sounds like Team Deathmatch which is kind of what it is.

    however at the end of the game the top player with the most kills on each team, if they left the next closest is chosen, will be revived into a 1v1 to find the top 2 teams. then the tops 2 players in the game will 1v1 and thats how the winner is determined.

    however there are special traps within the game itself as you lose players/points on your team special perks will pop up such as speed increase or temporary stealth which when making the arena you place a 3x3 piece of gold with the center missing and place a obsidian block in there to randomly spawn a powerup when the plugin elects them to spawn Warning however all members of every team can go after these powerups but once 1-5 players (definable in the config) grabs one they all dissapear.

    ill will be adding Kits with perks customizable in the config such as if Shield Slam(already coded) which will jump the player into the air slightly and land down doing a total of 5 dmg more will be added to suit any type of kit the owner may want.

    So what do you all think?
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