New Life Rule (NLR)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ryot, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: NLR Zone

    What I want: NLR stands for new life rule. This basically means when someone dies they are supposed to forget their memory before (Ment for roleplay).

    I am looking for a plugin that after someone dies, it spawns a Cube that goes all the way to hight limit. Then (x) amount of blocks wide. I can choose the width in the config. Also, I would like the cube to be visible with particle effects around it should the player where they can't go.

    To make sure people can't enter their NLR zone I want to make it where if they try to go in it bounces them back. Not too far where they are flying but it pushes them maybe 1-2 blocks back. I also want to make it where if their home is inside the nlr zone it blocks them from tping there (using /home, /tp, /tpa).

    The extra thing that would be great is when someone walks into the nlr barrier I would like to a message to pop up on their screen telling them how much time is left. [NLR] {Time} remaining (This message will be able to be configurable in the config.

    Commands: /nlrstop
    Permission node: "Nlr.stop"
    Summary of command: This command will allow anyone who uses the command (With the permission of course) will stop the nlr so they can bypass through it. (If a staff died playing and needs to check someone that was inside)

    If you have any question about this plugin fill free to ask!

    This is my most needed plugin so it would be great if someone could make this for me!

    (There is a current nlr plugin but it does not work)
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    What exactly does not work? Are there any errors in the console?
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    So this is what happens exactly in the chain of events.

    1. Someone Dies
    2. It takes super long for them to respawn even after you hit the respawn button
    3. When I finally respawn I walk to the sphere and all the particles are there
    4. But whenever I walk into it doesn't hit me back it just lets me walk around in it.

    Also sometimes it shows someone has disconnected after they died in console, but it still shows them in game.

    Im not on but i don't remember seeing errors in console

    Can you help me fix this
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    Can you help me fix it, so it works?
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    I'm not entirely sure why the plugin would affect respawn times.

    I've tried updating the code. I've reduced the amount of times particles are called (so in case the respawn issue is in regards to lag, this should reduce the problem), and changed the way the pusher works. If it still does not work on the new update, check if there are any errors in the console when a player goes near their death spot.
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