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    HEEELLPPP my maths arent that good!

    mythbusterma i made a github organisation join me and upload what youve got!
    i have figured that if we set the xp cap to 20000 it would need 2000 every level and if its 50 for every woodenlog you break it would take about 30 mins for 1 lvl

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    (only natural spawned blocks or blocks created with WorldEdit or any block creating plugin, placed blocks to not gain xp)

    Stone - around 7654 blocks per hour - 6.5 xp per block - around 50k xp/ph

    Sandstone - around 30k blocks per hour - 2.2xp per ore - around 60k xp/ph

    Netherrack - around 35k blocks per hour - 3.4xp per ore - around 120k xp/ph

    Clay (all clay obtained from mesa biomes) - 7.8xp per ore - around 60k xp/ph

    Coal ore - 15xp per ore

    Iron ore - 20xp per ore

    Gold ore - 30xp per ore

    Diamond ore - 100xp per ore

    Emerald ore - 200xp per ore

    Dirt, gravel and sand will not gain xp


    (only natural spawned blocks, grown or blocks created with WorldEdit or any block creating plugin, placed blocks to not gain xp)

    (Player has to wait for trees to grow or find a forest)

    Oak - around 2000 blocks per hour - 15 xp per block - around 30k xp/ph

    Spruce - around 2000 blocks per hour - 17 xp per block - around 37k xp/ph

    Birch - around 2000 blocks per hour - 20 xp per block - around 40k xp/ph

    Jungle - around 3000 blocks per hour - 13 xp per block - around 39k xp/ph


    Player walks around 0.27km per minute, so around 13.5km if they walk for 50 mins per hour - 2.3xp per meter - 30k xp/ph
    Player runs about 0.34km per minute, so around 15.3km if they run for 45 mins per hour - 3.9xp per meter - 60k xp/ph
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    so are my maths ok?
    set the xp cap to 5000000 and 50000 xp for every levelup?
    this way they have to mine stone for 1 hour to get lvl 1?
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    No, you're off by a thousand miles. Please read and analyze the formula and the xp tables I posted, by the looks of it you have not read my entire post and clearly don't understand how the leveling system would work.
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    i will im sorry! i am lazy in reading!
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    Let me get this straight, you applied to start working on a plugin without even knowing how it worked, and not knowing if you were even capable of doing such plugin?

    I won't answer any argumentative comments regarding this subject to avoid spam or causing a change of topic on the post.


    1. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    2. <!--
    3. document.close();
    5. document.writeln('Begin JavaScript output:');
    6. document.writeln('<PRE>');
    8. points = 0;
    9. output = 0;
    10. minlevel = 2; // first level to display
    11. maxlevel = 99; // last level to display
    13. for (lvl = 1; lvl <= maxlevel; lvl++)
    14. {
    15. points += Math.floor(lvl + 300 * Math.pow(2, lvl / 7.));
    16. if (lvl >= minlevel)
    17. document.writeln('Level ' + (lvl) + ' - ' + output + ' xp');
    18. output = Math.floor(points / 4);
    19. }
    21. document.writeln('</PRE>');
    22. document.close();
    23. // -->
    24. </SCRIPT>

    This might help, copied it from a site, not sure if it will apply here.

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    I saw it there, I can figure out the levels though, that formula isn't that complicated :p
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    I was speaking to a friend of mine regarding a problem in the skill Woodcutting.
    Players would strip forests or areas to gain xp, and probably would make a horrible world.
    Would it be possible to add in the config file an option that allows server plugin managers to select if players gain xp from natural spawned trees?
    This would mean that staff in charge of plugins could configure if players only gain xp from trees they grow, or if they can chop any tree they see.
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    It could be done but doing that would require a lot of overhead.
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    Could be something added on a later version of the plugin, for now just setting a rule on the server to replant trees you cut should be enough.
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    you can make tree's respawn after set amount of time

    mythbusterma add me or join me on github

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    Puts too much stress on the server, and it's highly inefficient.
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    but poxsgaming do you even want me to work on this plugin?
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    If someone wants to assist calculating the amount of xp on other skills listed on the post let me know.
    We need to figure out a balanced method for every skill that will be an average of 20k xp per hour for the simple methods and up to 80k xp per hour for more advanced methods.

    And also mythbusterma, is it possible to have a true/false selection in the config that allows you to pick which skills you want in the server?
    Since skills like breeding might cause lag due to people making tons of animals, smaller servers could disable breeding.
    And higher end servers could enable it since it might be a problem.



    Player gains 90xp per baby made from each animal.


    Player gains 100xp per full-grown animal killed.

    Taming (Only works with wild animals to avoid lag from mass creation of animals)

    Dog - 1000xp

    Cat - 2000xp


    Baby Zombie - 100xp

    Zombie - 120xp

    Zombie Villager - 130xp

    Spider - 120xp

    Cave Spider - 130xp

    Creeper - 150xp

    Skeleton - 130xp

    Wither Skeleton - 400xp

    Blaze - 150xp

    Chicken Jockey - 1000xp

    Spider Jockey - 1000xp

    Slime - 100xp

    Magma Cube - 140xp

    Ghast - 400xp

    Zombie Pigman - 200xp

    Ender Dragon - 40,000xp

    Wither - 30,000xp

    Silverfish - 200xp

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    Well there is not really a way to detect if a block or animal is naturally spawned and again poxsgaming do you want me to be part of the plugin?
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    This plugin takes a lot of mathematical comprehension, you stated you were bad with math. Do you think you can keep up with mythbusterma and be able to contribute analyzing the way the plugin works, thus not slowing it down from having to explain how everything works?

    Also if other experienced devs want to join feel free to post.
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    danieltabrizian You could possibly lookup the blocks with coreprotect, prism, logblock, and other logging plugins almost every server I know has some type of rollback plugin. It could check who placed the block and possibly if an animal is spawned.
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    poxsgaming thats why people collaborate! Some one is good in maths and do them and my level of understanding is higher than average so i understand much quicker. He does maths and i am good in making fun feutures
    like holograms and nice xp bar transisions! this way "your" plugin will me very awesome but @mythmusterma got to commit what he has got and i will continue on it

    TreeDB thats very possible but idk if poxsgaming would like that nor i think that placing blocks and breaking them again sould not be a prob becuz it uses durability and if the xp is low for easy to break blocks and high for thinks like obsidian who would bother him to farm that and tree's sould drop saplings that plant in the ground.
    thats my solution and coding in mind the best independent way to do it!
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    I'll draw up some ideas for you.

    Any updates?

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  22. Similar in the sense that you want a lot of the skills of Runescape replicated with the exact same xp level algorithm? ;)

    Is this the equivalent of skillcapes? :D

    In all seriousness, though, Runescape plugins get requested more than you might think, and reach various stages of development.
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    By what I've seen most of the requested plugins aren't being made the right way, the leveling algorithms aren't being planned well, they're all highly abusable, and lots of things aren't really being thought out.

    If you read the whole post you'll see that most of the abusable aspects are being planned out, and it's a plugin if made well according to the way I've explained it could be a very popular plugin. And you can tell that all the leveling plugins out there like mcmmo and some other ones were not thought out to well, as they have to many flaws and they're all really easy to abuse.

    I need to current dev that's supposedly working on this to let me know if he still is. If not I'll probably end up just hiring a programmer outside of bukkit to develop this for me.
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    poxsgaming Basically with my plugin, you can configure classes that gain xp for breaking certain blocks, killing certain mobs, and when the player reaches a certain level the console will execute a custom list of commands from the console. This should cover pretty much any reward you may need. If you like it I will have to find a way to prevent players from placing and rebreaking blocks though.
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    I really would not like to see a buggy plugin. It could be a problem and I would definitely not use it, and I'm sure other servers wouldn't.
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    poxsgaming Well its not like I havn't tried it at all. ANY new plugin is going to be buggy. If servers don't use it, the bugs will not come to light, and it will die. If you want a new plugin, you have to sign up for bata testing.
    That being said, I have not found any bugs in my testing. If you use it, and find bugs, let me know and they'll get fixed.
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    How do I test it?

    I read a bit of the configs, it's completely different to the plugin described, that looks more like mcmmo or those leveling plugins.

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    You wanted a plugin that lets players level up correct? You can with this.
    You wanted the only rewards to be small things such as items, correct? You can configure that with this.
    You wanted a specific exp gaining system correct? You can configure it with this.
    The only thing missing is the only natural blocks (which actually cant be done, but I can log when a player places them and not give xp for it when its mined) and taiming which could be added at a later update. What is it that I'm missing?
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    What about setting an hourly xp limit? is that possible?

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