New Gamemode Idea Just need a Developer.

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    Hello, so I'm looking for plugins or a Developer in which can help me with a new server I'm bringing out! So my idea is, When a player logs into the server they are in a lobby of the map where they get fly and cant fight but wait for a 5 minute timer counting down till the Game starts , they can use a /kit command in the lobby but is not given till the game starts and there would be a Couple of kits and there kits would be given on the starting of the game , and when the game starts they have 2 Minutes of invincibility, then the game would start and they would be fighting etc.. . Say a player dies they wouldn't be kicked but would become invisible and cannot do any psychical things such as pvp , build or break blocks but can fly around and spectate and right click the player to see their inventory's . Going back to the Alive players they will have money for Voting and winning the games so The Winner would get 15k For winning 2nd 10k 3rd 5k and could use it for the next map/game. But threw the game there is 3 Half's where the players get teleported to spawn and each time there is a force field / death border that gets smaller and this timer is every 10 minutes, when the game ends and the last man standing wins it would give a disconnect message as in " The {player} Has won The Game", If you are interested in this please contact me on skype @ MileticPvP
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    Please don't take this the wrong way but you've posted a huge paragraph and most likely no developer will read through it. I suggest you look at this example post provided in the Plugin Requests Guide.

    Simply edit your post following this format and then you have a much greater chance of people replying and giving opinions or pointing you towards something that might already exist.
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    Little Kits

    McPvP wannabe server

    It isn't a new gamemode idea. It is called Hunger Games bro.

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