New CraftBukkit build now available; provides CRITICAL exploit fix.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 7, 2011.

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    hey when i cliack downlad 670, put the jar in my server foler, and click run, the command propt says "this server is running on bukkit version 646"

    im confused is it 670 or 646??
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    Get a new service provider, why do you need to change it?
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    Surely you can't be serious?

    [/Airplane reference]
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    Could you post the entire line? You're probably reading the wrong part.
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    Oh I'm serious. And don't call me Surely.
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    ohhhhhhh i just read the part after it says "craftbukkit v 0.0.646-fdhfgoshdiusahl(idk what that last part is) -b670jnks i think thts what u mean?

    Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.4
    2011-04-08 11:18:24 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-04-08 11:18:24 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on PaulsComputor:25565
    2011-04-08 11:18:25 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-646-gb61ef8c-b670jnks (MC: 1.4)

    thanks for reponding btw :)
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    @Paul_VB Yeah, ignore the 646, it's the "b670jnks" part you need - that's the right build.
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    so the "b670jnks" is the bukkit version indicator? not the 646 part?
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    thanks! :p
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    670 seems reallllllly slow compared to 617... bad performance
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    hm not on my server here, i have at moment thet test that all works a little bit faster and stable

    @bukkit team thank you! Great "job"
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    What are you doing back on 556 =O
    When I updated from 617 to 670, only one plugin broke... I hope everything goes smooth for everyone else!
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    Why is it six times the standard size of the CB jar?
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    must've got ip banned for using this exploit =P
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    Johnny Lunder

    Should have probably said that in first post as well :
    Upgraded ( using !"#%!loads of plugins ) from 617 to 670 without any problems.
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    Let's see what my plugins are updated to.....617, 617, 617, 617, 617, oh look a 670! 617, 617,617.........awesome looks like I'm gonna openly exploitable for a looooong time....

    [edit] maybe not from what everyone going from 617 to 670 is saying..hmm...
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    The version indicator in the thread title is not equal to the only version this plugin works with. It is only the last version that the plugin author has confirmed to work with. Many plugins will still work when you upgrade to a new version of craftbukkit.
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    Nathan C

    Ye dude. It was a nightmare for many plugins broke and such bad performance.

    So I am holding out until the new 1.5 update, coming this next week! :D
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    I understand bud, but I have a feeling it's still going to be a headache... for the both of us.
    as for the performance issues~ yeah... Welcome to single threaded Minecraft / Java =D One CPU on my server is maxed at over 100% ....woot
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    Alex K

    I'm just curious on what this "exploit" was, could someone enlighten me? Seeing how it's fixed now, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
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    Sending certain types of invalid values for player position, essentially.
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    Is this exploit something that a server using a whitelist is vulnerable to?
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    Rich Boos

    Same here, dedicated server and java is running at 130% after I upgraded to 1.4
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    does this work for beta 1.4_1 ?
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    Well, there's no real reason for it not to. Yes, it does.
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    but what do I paste in my run.bat? cause the one that is on 'get craftbukkit' only gives my 1.4?
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    There's no incompatibility as far as player connections go - the only update in between was the removal of Steve co chests.
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    oh lol, it says 1.4 in the picture here.
    anyway tnx for the help

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    670 caused my server to get quite abit of lag :( can i fix this
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