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    A couple of days ago, a good idea come to me. The idea is a backpack plugin. I know there is maney backpack plugin, but mine is better. The way you use the plugin is that you give either some thing like "Backpack.Craft" or "Backpack.Buy". If a player have the "Craft" permission sill you ba able to craft the backpack and upgrade it in a crafting table. If you got the "buy" you only be able to buy a backpack swith money from a eco plugin and upgrade it for money. When you craft or buy a backpack you will get a chest with aanother name than just "Chest" it will be something mike "PLAYERNAME's Backpack". If you then rightclck sith the chest you sill get a inventory where you can put items in. If a player then kills you or hou dies from a mob, the backpack will then drop and when the killer then opens the backpack it will then contain the items the killed player has in it. I think this is cool because you dont need any commends to open the backpack. Oh i forgot you cant place the chest.

    This tread is very complicated but the plugin issent (I think)
    Hope you will help :)


    (Sorry for missing "." Or/and ",")
    (And sorry for spelling mistakes it was on a telefone very quickky
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    hmm.. If you would like a new object / item to be created (eg your backpack) that isn't possible. Bukkit does not allow plugins to have new items when being made.

    Maybe using a chest.. and assigning certain properties to it when held in someones hand..?
    That could be possible.. But you can't have items in a chest while it is in the player's inventory.

    It is an interesting idea, but cannot be done with the stage bukkit is in as of now.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I disagree, store the inventory in an database, use an item with an different name / damage value as an backpack item, hook every backpack to the database.
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    Fair enough, that could be done I guess. Although if you mean a database like MySQL that would be whole lot of integration for such a small plugin. Especially for someone who doesn't have experience with Wamp server in general.

    Although it could just be a large of log file instead..
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    or seperate yml files for ever player
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    Also very true.
    I believe the only thing that is wrong here is that he wants the backpack to be craftable. Like a completely new item. Although, if he is just saying a chest should be craftable with a different name than chest, that should be okay.
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    WALK2222 No, you can make a new crafting recipe and give renamed item. It's completely possible, I've done it. Also, you're missing the point about the chest. He was just using a chest as an example item. We know that you can't actually store things in a chest when it's in your inventory.
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    I'll look into making this, as I need to do some practice with MySQL.
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    Thats a good idea, like the player files a server creates when a player joins. So just a chest plugin player file.

    It is not a new item. Its just a chest crafted another way, and cant be placed. The normal chest still acts as a normal chest and can be placed.

    It will be like if you typed a command with one of the other backpack plugins. It will open another chest(the chest is not in the world)

    I would like a player file not the SQL.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    slayr288 How about using the build in ebeans server? That is easy as hell
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    Its not a new item, its just a chest that cant be placed but rightclicked and opend
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Player file are somewhat harder, storing items isn't very easy
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    You just posted a link to the same website we were on right now...
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