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    Hello all! I am here today to give a pre-release of Netherific! My first ever released plugin will do these things:
    1. Create/Load/Delete worlds on startup
    2. Allow for transportation between the multiworlds
    3. Limit world transportation (in progress)
    Unzip the jar file to the root bukkit directory, edit the worlds.txt file, restart the server, and have fun! [​IMG]
    The worlds.txt file is as follows:
    (name of world):(nether/normal):(world info)
    nether:nether:a basic nether world

    To change worlds, put "[dim]" on second line of wall sign, and put a number on the third line of sign. The number is 0-number of worlds in worlds.txt. World 0 is the default world. Careful with the nether! [​IMG]

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