Problem/Bug Nether world excists but players cant get to it.

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Scorpionvssub, Jun 25, 2015.

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    Im not sure when it broke or what happend but i updated mv to 2.5 a while back used mv portals for per world portals but for some reason player made nether portals dont work...they get activated do their weird visual effect but wont send the players there, its not just regular users, ops and people with * also have this issue. I know there is a plugin called mv nether but we never needed or even used it so dont see why i would now..
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    If you use craftbukkit 1.8, it can be an error of multiverse (I have some problems with multiverse in 1.8). So I advise you to use Multiworld or another multiworld plugin...
    Otherwise, I can't help you.
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    i got spigot
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    and spigot comes in all versions from the past few years.... so that means nothing really

    Restart server, pastebin the entire latest.log when it finishes starting up.
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    Figured out why they dont work not how to solve it, we have 2 survival worlds 1 called safeworld 1 called world..World has a nether linked to it but you cant enter the nether via safeworld

    Anyone got an idea how to add portal to the nether allowance aswell without the use of mv netherportal plugin? or can it only be done that way when having more then 1 worlds for survival
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