Nether in SMP announced

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by KoryuObihiro, May 2, 2011.

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    He's just going to be...stealing CB code. It's likely his implementation will be similar, yet inferior, and there will be no substantial changes in CB code
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    why not just use Multiverse and make a world regarding Nether then link the two portals?
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    Did you even bother read the OP?
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    I never used multiverse but doesnt that mean running two servers and conecting them? I don't want that!
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    Is it post before you know anything day? Multiple worlds can be run on one server. This is old news. Many months old.

    I feel like I've missed some important memo.
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    Huh? OFC I know it can be done, I was asking whether running nether means having two instances of MC server or it's somewhat optimized. Since I do not really need nether and running two instances means burdening the server.
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    As many worlds as you want can be run on 1 server instance. I've played on servers with 3 worlds on it.

    How do you not know this? Do you read the Bukkit Announcements? Dinnerbone was quite clear about how it worked.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was April 1st again.
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    Oh I did read it when it came out, which is like 2months now. So i did not remember that very clearly.
    AND if you read my first post here I was mostly talking about Notch's upcoming implementation.

    But hey, you clearly do not want such questions here, Mr. Overlord, so I'll be going now ;)
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    That's not what you said at all:

    I don't see how a single word in the above quote relates to Notch's post. He did not mention multiverse, or running 2 servers and connecting them. There's no mention of Notch, 1.6, or even the nether. You didn't give any context to what you were saying.

    Please, let's not turn this on me. We're discussing Notch, remember?
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    Title: Nether in SMP announced
    My post: I never used multiverse but doesnt that mean running two servers and conecting them? I don't want that!
    Word that = Nether in SMP (by Notch)
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    That is ambiguous. A more likely translation (by one not reading your mind) would interpret it like this:
    that = Multiverse.

    Didn't your English teacher tell you to define an antecedent before using a pronoun?
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    Nope, we focused on conversation skills and not that much on grammar, since that's more useful for us non-english people ;)
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    Sure, whatever. *goes back to texting*
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    Whoa. o_o I leave to go finalize some job details to find a small text-based skirmish. Nice.

    So @Plague, @Afforess is technically correct insofar as you can use plugins to manipulate multiworld for the same server (running 6 worlds on personal server for tinkering), and it's been that way for a good long while.
    The only really good implementation I've seen so far is MultiVerse, but hey, there could be an ambitious plugin developer who's simply yet to topple them.

    And...Afforess, no need to nerdrage on his butt. :p
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    But I won, right? That's what matters. :p
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    Nathan C

    Sweet, the Nether, in multiplayer! Oh and maps too!

    Multiverse and Dynmap...enough said.

    Features that have already been done by 5 plugins, better than Notch ever will be able to. I bet this will decrease the server performance by another 20%.... can't wait. :mad:

    Notch needs start working with Bukkit, this is crazy. Whatever though, it is his game and he can drive it into the ground if he wants.
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    Well he will be kinda "working" with bukkit, since he's going open source for minecraft for modding purposes.
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    Is it currently possible to use MultiVerse and have it act like single-player Nether? 1:8 ratio and user-built portals?

    Do you think that the 1.6 update will finally fix being able to send the client a new map seed so biomes are correct when moving between maps? Will portals in SMP finally have the wobbly screen effect?
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    Plugins like Nethrar act exactly like single player. Make a portal. Right click with flint and steel. BOOM your in the nether.
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    Well, without the wobbly screen effect. More like a wobbly "omg I'm falling oh wait I'm not the chunks loaded" effect :p Also without the mentally challenged portal placement that SSP is fond of ("Lets put this Nether portal.... WAY OVER THERE! Oh, look, you came back into the real world? Now you're thousands of blocks away from where you started! Ah hah hah hah!").
    He's welcome to use my code. I'm all for Minecraft being awesome, and if Notch / people think Nethrar makes Nether in SMP viable, Notch is welcome to it.

    Notch: If you're reading this, you have my full permission to just take the Nethrar code and use it verbatim or as a starting point or whatever. Nether in SMP should be awesome, and if you think my implementation is awesome, then use it! :D
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    Actually, I wonder if this will call for new events for gate teleportation (and intercept the event). Does this mean we can have the awesome teleport effect and still have our warpgates? :D
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    Most likely, as Minceaft SMP will be implementing a pack to trigger the effect in the client. We might be able to trigger the effect *without* gates. Say, when you eat a mushroom? lol
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    @4am Oooooh. Frick. Like drugs. :D
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    Forget about the wobbly screen effect!
    I'm looking forward to red fog in nether worlds!:)
    Hopefully Notch implements this. But you're right, the wobble would be nice, too.
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    Official Nether in SMP is great, but what it does mean for nether plugin like Nethrar? Will I able to use my current netherworld map? Or will the new nether update will force the new nether map within my world map like single player?
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    I too am interested in this. Will we be able to put our current Nether into our map? Also, to the people raging about Notch adding something that Bukkit already has implemented, please keep in mind that Bukkit is not the center of the universe, there are numerous vanilla servers and people who just want to play with one other person that are not as "savy" and this had to be added because essentially, it is a missing feature in Minecraft. Notch needs to keep that in mind, and I think he is hesitant to work with Bukkit

    1. Because he is very busy already...
    2. And because he has to keep other players in mind and kinda "pretend" Bukkit doesn't exist.
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    (red mist)
    that is all.
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    I missed the red mist, fireballs and screaming ghasts.
    No more watching slowly disappearing nether chunks into the horizon
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