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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HockeyMike24, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I would like to run my server without the Nether. Can anyone suggest anyways I can do this but still be able to have my players be able to obtain things like blaze rods, nether warts, nether rack, ect..

    So far all I can think of right now is Admin shop. But I would like to see players sell Nether items, and if there is a Admin shop players will not be able to compete with an Admin shop.
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    There is a plugin called OtherDrops that gives you flexibility over what drops when you break a block. You could, for example, make it so that if a player breaks stone with a gold pick, there is a chance to get netherrack. Dig sand with a gold spade and there is a chance to get soulsand, etc...
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    Thanks, that was very helpful. I might use this.
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    The cauldron mechanic in Falsebook/Craftbook is a good method IMO. It's best thought of as alchemy, the 'science' of changing one form of matter into another. Players drop certain quantities of certain items into the cauldron, and recieve whatever you specify in the Cauldron config. E.g. 16 cobble and 4 red dye could result in a stack of netherstone. There may be stand-alone plugins for this, but I am not aware of any.

    Essentially it's another form of crafting table, with customizable recipes.
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    Make an admin shop, and only open it once a week. :p During the week your players will only be able to purchase from others thus boosting user based economy. I doubt people would wait an entire week just to get another blaze rod from the shop.
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    A while back our nether portal was closed for a period of time, while it was closed no one could of course obtain any nether resources... what I did was the following:
    • Add it to MobArena so people could win it as a prize.
    • Every so often place glowstone and such in community chests.
    • Donate to peoples chests.
    • Hand out as rewards.
    • And finally competitions.
    I'm sure you could think of more but as I'm not sure how your server is setup and of course this does involve a little bit of manual work and you may be looking for a more streamlined approach.
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