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    Hello Guys,
    I have searched around for this and only been able to find a plugins that partially does what I need.

    I need a plugin that does:
    • Stops the creation of nether portals that work unless made by someone with the permission to do so - e.g one main nether portal only
    • Allows the lighting of nether portals general nether portals - These do not allow transportation to the nether world
    • Restricts access to the nether - e.g only certain players can gain access
    • Charges for entry to the Nether - e.g takes out a specified amount of emeralds or items from the players inventory
    If this is at all possible then that would be most appreciated!
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    I'm already writing a plugin that restricts the creation of nether portals to people with specific permission, and I don't think it would be too difficult to tack on the other features while I'm at it. I'll keep you posted on how development goes and toss you a download link when I've finished the first release.

    (As an aside - do I by chance recognize you from Spore? That username sounds familiar :p)
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