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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Danny, Jan 20, 2011.

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    TCP + .Net = NetBukkit
    This requires the following plugin:

    This is for development of (C++,C#,Vb etc).Net plugins for bukkit.

    Install the plugin above and setup your port and password as described in the plugin.
    Add NetBukkit as a reference to your project.
    NetBukkit Requires The .Net Framework 3.5
    Heres an example application using NetBukkit:
    With Sause (VB.Net):
    Example Setup:
    Edit Setup.ini, set values.
    Example Commands:
    !Example - an example command
    !Kick - admin only kick someone
    !About - show the about information

    Here is NetBukkit:
    Here is the Sauce:

    I intend to update this later to have a custom type that automatically sorts the data into seperate events such as "log on" "log off" "message" and seperates the data into username/password, but for now it isn't too hard to do so manually.
    This will work with any .Net based language, and probably mono as well (although I havn't tested it) for best results, run NetBukkit on the same machine as you are running the minecraft server, however it will work from remote machines, just slower.

    You have to realise the features of the TCP interface are limited right now, as it is still rather new, but it is a good starting point for .Net programmers to start making basic chat-based addons, whitelists, or other things.

    Due to a bug in the TCP interface plugin, ensure that your plugin is the first and only to connect to the tcp interface, if there are disconnects (due to you developing it) restart the minecraft server, or you will encounter errors.
    This would happen even if you did not use NetBukkit.
    NetBukkit has a built in keep alive, and as such there should be no disconnects if it is running on the same machine as the server.
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