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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gh0stKitty, Oct 5, 2019.

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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: NestSleep

    What I want:
    I'd like it so when a player interacts with a dark green half bed they will be teleported to a certain warp [Warps need to be configurable in a config.yml or with a plugin] and the sleep timer reset as if they player had slept. I do not want it to change the server to day time.
    Players should only be able to "sleep" once per every 5 irl minutes, regardless of it being night or day.

    All players should be allowed to "sleep" and clean their beds

    I'd like there to be three total warps the player can go to while sleeping, randomized.
    Nightmares: 10% chance
    Dreams: 80% Chance
    Sweet Dreams: 10% Chance

    People with a certain permission should be able to pull other people into sweet dreams or nightmares with
    /Nightmare ( User )
    /SweetDream ( User )

    After the bed has been used three times it should turn into a brown halfbed. When the bed is brown it should not work.
    Sneaking and right clicking it with a feather or Lime Green dye should turn the bed back to dark green and be able to be used again.
    This should also remove the feather/lime green dye from their inventory. If they have multiple of the same item in their hand it should only take one.

    This plugin should also completely disable Night Skipping

    Ideas for commands:

    Should teleport player back to their half bed/where they were prior to sleep warp

    /Nightmare (User)
    can be used by anyone with the nightmare.pull permission once every 30 IRL minutes

    /SweetDream (User)
    can be used by anyone with the sweetdream.pull permission once every 30 IRL minutes

    /DreamWarp set (WarpName)
    /NightmareWarp set (WarpName)
    /SweetDreamWarp set (WarpName)

    These will set the warp for each sleep type

    /DreamWarp del (WarpName)
    /NightmareWarp del (WarpName)
    /SweetDreamWarp del (WarpName)

    These will delete the warp for each sleep type. If a player tries to sleep and there is not a warp/valid warp set it should present the message "No (Dream / Nightmare / Sweetdream) Set!"

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 10/30/19
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    Are you suggesting using this to keep Phantoms from spawning as well?
    The only beds this plugin needs to modify is the Green and Brown bed.
    Would it be a good idea to have the Green bed activated with a command like /activate halfbed ?
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    Yeah, I don't want phantom mechanics to function at all.
    What do you mean by /Activate halfbed? I'd like it to be used by right clicking on it
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    This is next.
    But before, i have a question. What do you mean by half bed? Or are you referring to the beds being made out of 2 blocks, therefore half a bed?
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    The lower half of a green and brown bed
    I use worldedit to do //set green_bed so im not too sure what the actual data value is
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    So this is about the lower half of a bed, not the whole bed? So the top and bottom are different colors?
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    I don't want the top of the bed at all. Just the bottom half of the bed.

    Once the green lower half is slept in enough the bed should change to a brown bottom half bed
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    Should the beds be assigned to players, or can everyone sleep in every bed?
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    Everyone can sleep in every bed please ^^
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