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    Plugin category: [PVP/FUN]

    Suggested name: BukkitKITPVP

    What I want: 1. /pvp
    (will give you Iron Armor, Diamond Sword Sharpness 1 and 27 Soup)
    when you type in /pvp i want the armor automatically on the player
    2. /archer
    (will give you Chain Armor, and a Bow Power 2 and 27 Soup)
    when you type in /archer i want the armor automatically on the player
    3. If You Type in /pvp you cannot type in /archer unless you die. Example: A Player types in /pvp and trys to type in /archer. a message will pop up saying:
    You Cannot Choose 2 Kits. Wait Until You Die to Choose a Different Kit
    I Do not want any players droppings on the floor when they die. its annoying and if someone with pvp kit kills someone with archer kit they can get the bow while having pvp kit.
    WHen they type in either of those 2 kits they automatically get Strength2 Potion on them. Not in their inventory. EXAMPLE: Player types in /pvp. the player gets the kit and gets automatically strength2 potion. Its like he was just splashed with the potion when he typed in /pvp.
    Refills all there empty soup bowls for $5.
    in the chat it will pop up with list of items to buy. when you type in /shop at the top it will say:
    "/buy <item#>

    I want these items to be in /shop
    1. Sharpness - Gives you an Extra Level Of Sharpness On Your Sword
    (Since Sharpness 1 is already on your sword when you buy that it will give you Sharpness 2 for $100 and if you type it in again it will give you Sharpness 3 for $275)
    2. GoldenApples - Gives you 5 Golden Apples. Use Them Wisley($70)
    3.VIP ONLY - Diamond Armor
    (That is for vip only so you need vip group to buy this. this will cost $390)

    Each Kill you will Earn $18.

    If they drop to press Q or whatever your control is to drop, it will go out of your inventory but not on to the floor. it will disappear.
    9. Soup
    I Do not want stacked soup. I the soup in their own slot

    Ideas for commands: /pvp /archer /soup /shop /buy <item#>

    Ideas for permissions: bukkitkitpvp.pvp bukkitkitpvp.archer bukkitkitpvp.soup bukkitkitpvp.admin

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    sure i will create this, it will be ready soon
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    If MYCRAFTisbest cannot do this for some reason. I will give a go at it. Sounds like a really cool plugin!
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    I've half done the plugin, just to test myself! I'll put it on this thread once done, and you can choose who's is best :D

    What would you like the "bukkitpvpkits.admin" permission to do?

    OG_Chowder I've pretty much fulfilled your request, just doing the part where the player gets money for killing other players.

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    I know the Plugin Development thread is to ask help with coding, but you just ask the codes for what plugin you're making.
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    Woobie this is plugin request thread...
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    I know, but i was just saying.
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