Need someone to finish=fix up a plugin!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by KooDaLord, Dec 1, 2013.

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    Hey bukkit,
    I have a plugin called helix, but... the commands arent registered, and it needs to be bug tested after that.
    Helix is a Team Death Match minigame.
    There can be 2-4 teams, of different colors.
    When you login to a helix server, you will be a spectator, who can't interact or be seen by the ingame players. To join you type /join. This will only work if there are 2 or more people joined, other wise it will tell you to wait until there are enough players. When you join, it automatically joins to the the team with least amount of players. You will be able to pick kits, the kits are all Greek Myth based, as in Greek gods. You can do /kit and it will show the available kits, but defaults only get certain kits, there are premium kits that you can only use if you have a payed rank or are staff. You fight for 10 minutes, and at the end, the team with most kills wins. You cant kill your own teammates or the spectators. When the game ends, it will wait 10 seconds, then kick all people back to the hub (we use bungee). When you join again, it will have rotated to a new map. You can add as many maps as you want, and every game it will switch maps. Ingame you can do /leave to become a spectator. You can choose one kit per life, so if you have already chosen a kit, then pick another it will tell you that your kit will update upon next death. You can do /stats which will show how many kill, deaths, and kills to deaths ratio (in decimals) for the current game. Ingame every kill you get will give you a point. And when you do /shop it will open up a chest GUI showing the available items in shop, and there prices, along with your amount of points. You can only buy the items that you have enough money for. When you buy that item, it will take away the amount of it from your current points. To set the maps for the games, you will see in the code, or in a file if you want to help me out.
    What i want, is for you to take the commands and register them to the plugin so when you do a command, it will do the action. When done with that, we will bug test and you would fix the given bugs.
    My skype= KooPegasiAkaJonah

    Hope you can help me out!
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    I could help... ;)
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    Thanks! You have mu Skype ;D
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    What times are you available... our time zones are pretty out of sync.

    infact all you need to do is skype me a link to a github repository with the code or somthing in.

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