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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MinniPvP, Nov 7, 2015.

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    I have installed a plugin named Chest Commands GUI( I have already used this plugin on my second server, and it had no problems. I have been working on a hub server, where this was a problem. I the owner could now open different chest commands gui, but the players could not, even doe I gave them the permission.
    Whenever the players open the gui, it just says 'the menu has opened' but no menu shows up, just the text. I also wanna add that I am using customjoinitems( So players spawn with the items, that execute the command (I have already given the players the permission regarding ChestCommandsGui And CustomJoinItems. Is there a possibility that you guys know how to fix this? I also have the problem to open the wardrobe, even doe I have given the right permissions!

    If you need a plugin list, here it is:
    - AlwaysDay
    -WardRobe (I am using the VIP Wardrobe plugin!)

    This is the persmission I have given to the players:

    - wardrobe.leather
    - wardrobe.colorarmor
    - customjoinitems.servers
    - customjoinitems.WardRobe
    - wardrobe.gui
    - customjoinitems.servers

    I would appreciate all your help :D

    Best Regards
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    Can I join on your server? Anyway, send me a server log (you can find it in /logs folder, just last). Because when is some errors or colisions, It will be in server log.
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    Hello, and thank you for your answer :) I fixed the problem, so its no need to write the server log. I really appreciate your help @MaHl111 :)
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