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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wrendan, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Before I install this plugin to my server, I really want to know some things:

    -If someone buy the VIP Rank for one month (example), I've set that automatically the plugin will manuadd him to the VIP group. My question is very simple:
    Vip isn't forever, so once that month have passed, I must manuadd him as normal user. But this will cause me very stressful. There's a way that automatically, when that month passed, hi is manuadded to normal user without my help?
    If not, I really need to know if I can see in my buycraft page if someone has donated, when (because when I see the date, a month later I'll manuadd him to normal user) and also I want to know if can know his minecraft usernames.

    So, I need an automatic method to transfer vips to normal users once the month passed, or just a way to look if someone has donated, when and his minecraft Username.

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    I've got another solution for you, but you need to use enjin as your site. You probably do.

    When someone purchases a rank, you can make console perform commands. You can also make it add the tag of a rank to the player.
    You can also set an expiry date and the tag can be removed on site and the rank can be removed in game. All you need to do is do the command you wish for the console to perform.
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    I think that Buycraft can do the expire date. Can I set a command that will be performed in the console once the vip time is finished (i mean in the expire date, in buycraft).
    Thanks for your help
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    He is right... You can auto-set back to normal rank
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