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    okay i really would appreciate it if someone could make me a small set of permissions, Also sorry if i have posted this in the wrong forum but i wasnt sure were to put it. If yu could help me please comment below or personal message me, Also if you know that i have posted this in the wrong place please could you send me a kink of were i should post it.

    1 more thing im not lazy ive tried many of times and i cant do them.

    thanks for ure help if you do help

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    Seriously? A two year old could do it :confused: its something you need to do yourself, we don't know what you want people to do on your server, its all up to you. I don't understand what you find difficult about it?
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    Its just annoying and it may be easyfor you theres always something that goes wrong!

    also i said whats the point in posting that ive said i cant do them thats all you need to know if you dont have anything useful to post then dont post at all!

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    Maybe you should learn, like I did :) go and do some research, Google around, find solutions, that's how I learn
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    i dont know why people think they can run a server when they cant be bothered to make a permissions file...
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    Exactly what I think. If you wanna run a server you got to be prepared to do this sort of stuff
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    That's offtopic, instead of stating what you think, you should link him a tutorial so he CAN learn without the stress of finding a half decent tutorial.
    Personally, I don't have one, as I use bPermissions. But good luck, OP!
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    If you use bPermissions or PermissionsEX go to their Bukkit page and you will find a Wiki which contains a tutorial
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