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    hi guys, craps running bad for me, and my friends, heres what ive done, people suggested the map, well what i di was renamed the world then let server make another, i load up into that and its really slow loading too, when you jump in its like your falling and you dont see anything for some times more then 15 seconds! then it loads the world very slowly, i have removed ALL my mods and everything, i have tried build 114 and 94 being my one i had that was stable for me, i have the following mods

    block head bukkitmon scrapbukkit dynmap magiccarpet mywarp spells treehugger worldedit

    like i said its not just me its my friends, previous to this the only thing that changed was i added the world edit plugin And i made a biggg underground cavern approx like 50 blocks high and about i dunno what maybe total of about 100 or so blocks around me, so i dont know other then that.... even then i dont remember it like this, then i also added bukkitmon last night around the time it all occured and was spawning mobs and stuff, but like i said, i removed all my plugins and tried again and its still doing that, whether its another map or its this map,

    EDIT: as i start to think about it, there was also a update today when i logged in, and this did not start till i was playing today..... so maybe it was the update?


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