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    So I just made a Bukkit server, with a goal in mind of making a fully automated gladiator style tournament PvP server. But first, i need to know the plugins i plan on using.

    1. What is the plugin name that prevents all non-ops from breaking blocks?
    2. What is the plugin that spawns each player in a seperate pre-determined spawn coordinate?
    3. I don't know if there is a plugin like this, but i will try to explain using a few lines of code from c++ then maybe someone can translate it to java (i don't know java) But something like
    If player kills player then  //I have no idea what the function "Kills" actually is so i just used kills haha
      { kill = 1
                  while kill = 1
                          player_hunger = 100
                          player_health = 100
                          kill = 0
    Sorry i am also a bit rusty in C++ but as you can see what i want it to do is if you kill someone it resets your health and hunger
    4. I need some sort of plugin that will not let the certain player move from his spawn until he is allowed too, and the way i am planning to have this server run is only two players released at start, then once one dies the winners health/hunger is restored, then another player is released etc.,
    5. I need a plugin that will give the player items at spawn.
    Thanks for your time and help, i greatly appreciate it, i'll add to this list if i think of any more


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    I believe I can do the third one easily. What shall I call it?

    EDIT: Just made it :) I think I can also do the fourth one.

    EDIT2: Also I think it would be more practical and easier to make it all one plugin.

    Ok I've done no3 and almost done no4 as one plugin :)

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    Sweet! Thank you so much! :D

    I guess the one that i am the most stumped on would be number 2 because i know it is possible but i don't know how you could even determine that. Does Minecraft recognize each player differently in order of their login place (IE. First player to join the game is recognized as player1, second as player2 etc.) and then we could have something like
      if roll = 1 then {
                      player1 spawn at XXXX
                      //and so on, and then for the next player, if he rolls the same as the first it rerolls and eventually everyone will be spawned in a different location.
    But i would really like to know how the game recognized each player separately, and maybe I will stop losing sleep over this :eek:.

    Call it "ArenaPlugin" since not many people have the same setup as i do i doubt many will need it.

    EDIT: If you make two plugins they will be more desired by the public as a lot of pvp servers would like No3, and a lot of people making Hunger Games servers would like the fourth.

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    Seeing this thread restores my faith in the plugin requests section. Finally, a request with someone who is somewhat familiar with both the limitations of of Bukkit, and programming. Furthermore, it's not an anti-nodus request. Kudos to you, L0rd_Luke.
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    Thanks haha :p
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    I think I've got it... I'm just working out a couple of bugs first. For some reason it's letting the default spawn point override the teleport on respawn -_-
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    Ive got 5. Working on it know.

    What items?

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    That should work. I haven't done a whole lot of bug testing, so it might not be perfect... if it starts bugging, let me know.

    Commands and permissions (copy-pasted from plugin.yml):
    description: Adds the point where you are currently standing to the list of spawn points.
    usage: /addSpawn
    permission: gladiator.addspawn
    permission-message: You don't have permission to do that.
    description: Removes the spawn point at the specified index.
    usage: /remSpawn <index>
    permission: gladiator.remspawn
    permission-message: You don't have permission to do that.
    description: Lists all valid spawn points and their index values.
    usage: /listPoints
    permission: gladiator.listpoints
    permission-message: You don't have permission to do that.

    When you first load it, it'll make a folder with itemList.txt in it. That's where you put the items you want people given (it'll give them all of the items). The format is one item per line, with the material code and quantity separated by a comma. Example:

    That'll give users one Diamond Sword, one Diamond Helmet, one Diamond Chestplate, one Diamond Leggins, one Diamond Boots, 64 Milk, and 15 Golden Apples

    Let me know if there are any issues/questions.

    EDIT: Found a few bugs, reuploaded. Note: There's a backdoor now to bypass the movement block so you can set spawn points or whatever. As long as there's only one player online, and that player is an op, the movement block won't activate.
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    Stone sword, bow, 64 arrows

    Does this plugin also randomly spawn the 20 players onto different pre-determined spawn points or does it just lock them into spawn and give them items?
    EDIT: Can you please put up the new download link? The last one is 404'd

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    It keeps a list of spawn points that you provide via the commands, and just rotates through the spawn points. When you log in, there's a 5 second delay then it warps you to one. It just goes in order, looping when it gets to the end of the list of spawn points. I got kinda lazy with it xD

    If you want any adjustments, just let me know.
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    So, say if ten people joined. Would they all get spawned to different points? Also, i need to to release them at different times. Is there any way you could add a function that would allow a random player free when a play dies? So say P1 and P2 are fighting, P1 dies, then another player (it can be a random player) would then be released.
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    I have it set so that it just releases the next one whose turn it is to go.
    In this example, let's assume you've only set 5 spawn points.

    Player 1 connects, and is placed at spawn point 1
    Player 2 connects, and is placed at spawn point 2
    Player 1 & 2 are released
    Player 3 connects, and is placed at spawn point 3
    Player 4 connects, and is placed at spawn point 4
    Player 2 is killed by player 1
    Player 2 is warped to spawn point 5
    Player 3 is released
    Player 1 is killed by player 3
    Player 1 is warped to spawn point 1
    Player 4 is released

    etc etc. Make sense? And is that indeed what you want?
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    Yes, this is good. Thank you very much!

    Sorry to be a pain, but i changed the item list to
    but it still spawns me with a set of stone items.
    (There are spaces which is probably why and HOW DO I TURN OFF THIS LINE TEXT :p)
    I removed the spaces and it still is spawning me with the stone set.
    [how many times do i have to edit this but i think i know why. if it isnt your first time in the server it won't spawn you with the items. So i have to delete my character file. Anyway to fix this?]

    (even if i delete my character file it's still spawning me with the stone set. I think i've done all the troubleshooting i can possibly do in one day - you don't have to fix it now and i understand how frustrating programming can be so you can take a break for now haha XD)

    Also, what do you mean by <index> when using the /remSpawn command (trying to remove the default spawn) But, the spawn lock does work, and i'll test it using like 5 or 6 people later but right now i want tp be able to remove the default spawn, and then get the items to spawn. Thanks for everything you've done so far though.

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    The index is the number at the beginning of the line in /listpoints
    Let me double check how I set it up... I may have forgotten to give you items when you log in. I know I set it to give the items when you respawn.

    EDIT: Kay, should work now. Same link as before. I made it wipe your inventory when you login, then give you the items.

    Oh and don't feel bad, I have absolutely nothing else to do... this is actually the most fun I've had in a while xD
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    One last thing. when you die, are you again spawnlocked until the rest of the players are dead, and then it will let slots 1 and 2 move?
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    Alright, so if you really are enjoying this...
    Could you add a function that will only let the same player be released once, so that when it comes down to the last two, they fight, one wins (maybe add a string like "And the winner goes to player.alive" or something :D), and then it will reset (by killing the layer that is alive, then putting him into an available spawn slot) Also, If you look at myoriginal post, (i'm only asking you to do this because you're the first person to actually give me a plugin haha), you'll noticed i put a bit of code (in C++) thata basically says when one player is killed by the other, then the winning player's health & hunger is restored (so the next person released won't have an advantage)

    Hope this gives you a challenge, as everything else i've asked you to do seems too easy >.<
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    That's actually really easy... it just means I'll disable something in there that makes it loop. I was actually considering doing a persistent scoreboard for the lulz... writing to a flatfile to save how many times a player has won. Want me to add that in?

    Note: I'll deal with this when I get back in a few minutes. Gotta run down to home depot for some potting supplies.
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    Yes that would be awesome! As i said, i'm watching TV, and refreshing the page every few minutes, so i'm not waiting for you to do it, so take your time haha.
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    Done, same link. Let me know if there are any issues (note: I've been using this as an excuse to majorly piss off the people on my server xD)
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    Just got back, running it now, i'll tell ya how it goes XD

    Ok, so the spawn points are working, but when i spawn i'll have my sword, bow, arrows, then a pickaxe, and a shovel and an axe. So i guess you need to change something that tells it to give me the pick, shovel and axe

    EDIT: I also get two stone swords, but oddly enough they are in one stack.
    EDIT2: Also the spawn lock isn't working as i can move freely as spawn.
    It was because I was OP.
    Both of them were because i was OP! So it's running smoothly! One last question though, is there a timer or minimum amount of players for it to run? Maybe make a config.yml so i can set the minimum amount of players (that way when the first two or three people join it doesn't start it early, causing others to join mid game)
    Alsoooooo, for some reason it won't let me shoot arrows (it uses an arrow but never actually sends one out), i know this isn't the issue with the plugin, but do you know of a certain permission that disallows the use of a bow? If it's any help, it thinks i am trying to build when i shoot the bow...

    EDIT: I showed it to my friend and he says he's a fan, but when we were fighting, nobody actually died, but the loser would just get down to 1 or two hearts then be killed by the server(or it's really laggy), then a string would announce the winner and so on. So i'm wondering is it just lag or did you set this up on purpose for a reason. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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    Yeah that's probably lag... I don't THINK I did anything that would cause that. As for a minimum player count, I don't really see the point since it just adds people on to the end of the queue when they login, but whatever, I'll work on it.
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    Also, since i've only tested it out with two players, does the string saying the player won happen after every fight or only after everyone has been killed. Also, one more thing is that after it's over, the winner doesn't get re spawned back into his cell, he simply stays out in the arena. But as i've said before, thank you for your time and effort, i greatly appreciate it.

    Edit: By the way, i fixed the bow problem, a plugin was interfering and i wasn't using it, so i manually set what you can't break through essentials.
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    It should only happen at the very end, but I haven't tested it that thoroughly. Do you want them to be respawned back into a cell? Because that's easy.
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    Yes that way the tournament can restart. Also, if you wouldnt mind, instead of just letting two people out, could you do a countdown like 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, GO or something as it would just seem more put-together.
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    Just wondering, is there anything in place to alert the player who has just been unlocked that they are unlocked? After that i think this plugin should be done. My only concern is i know when craaftbukkit updates some plugins need to update, do you think that this one will need to update as craftbukkit/minecraft does?

    EDIT: (I know, more content?) Last minute i saw an obvious flaw. Players in their cells can shoot the players fighting with their bow(Which, if they kill them instead of the other fighter, the other fighters health and hunger will not be restored. Plus it's unfair anyway.) Any way to disable them from shooting or even smacking with a sword (incase the fighters get to close to his cell) until they are released?
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    Gladiator.getPlugin().getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + SpawnHandler.getFirstPlayer().getDisplayName() + " and " + SpawnHandler.getSecondPlayer().getDisplayName() + ", begin!");

    Give me a minute on the shooting/hitting.
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    But thats for the first two. What i really need is to alert the people who are sitting there waiting.
    Java seems pretty easy to learn... I'm going to learn it after this, what i'll really need to know though is all of the commands and whatnot that minecraft has.
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    I'll add a command that sends the user their current spot in line.

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