Need plugins developed? I'm Open To Ideas!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by nicholasntp, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hey guys, just looking for ideas for plugins to develop. I have a basic understanding of bukkit developing and want a challenge! Please, let me know if you have any ideas! I will have u credited for the idea!


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    cool! I've made some cool chat based plugins, so could help with stuff like that!
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    Bump cause im starting to develop plugins but have absolutely no ideas :D
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    Make a perms plugin! <- Just kidding, that would be too hard for you guys.
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    And there's no need for ANOTHER permissions plugin. :p

    On-topic: If I had a good idea, I'd be making it. ;)
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    I will be making the plugin. Any requests?
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    Make a sign edit plugin with a client side GUI, incorparate colors using the standard &(digit) method.
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    Honestly, I've been wishing there was a plugin which sent players messages based on certain parameters - i.e. location, time since login/first login, etc. It would be perfect for introducing players to a server or area. ;)
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    Ill Look at it and see what I can do. :)

    PM me explaining more, I like this.... :)

    Spout, or what? (I haven't experimented with Spout yet, but I'd love to learn.) Just if a sign has &(1-9 or a-f) replace it with a color? I can try to do that.
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    You should look int the plugin request forums for ideas.
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    A spout minimap.
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    Everything there would be too hard, or just already done.

    Like I said above, I don't have experience with Spout, so Ill try to learn, but a minimap would be hard.
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    infinite large ice cave with treasure and boss battle ;)
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    Well, Im not planning to make a map, but that might be fun!
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    What about helping a total n00b with plugin dev?
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    I would like this too! :D
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    A plugin that lets you create clans.
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    Ice cave generator? Have a look at the client mod "BiomeCaves". Not sure if it's still around, but it did some pretty cool stuff for singleplayer, like ice caves (which i just mentioned), sandstone caves, and a bunch of other stuff that i forgot and/or never used cause I was so entranced by the awesomeness of ice caves.
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    How about something for far-ranged chests? AKA, you set a chest, then you can access it from wherever you'd like, given you have the required permission node.
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    hehe. like /help_me_develop_a_plugin

    Like your signature. PVP fan, eh? Well theres other plugins that do this, so, yeah.

    Not really experienced with Biome generation and stuff, so, idk. Sorry.

    Great Idea. I love it. Remote Chests. iChest. I like names with an i in front of them. What should I name it? I could definitely do this!
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    I'm actually in the process of implementing stuff like ice caves in my world generator, ExpansiveTerrain (the forum post is outdated, check on bukkitdev in the next couple weeks). The whole thing is getting a rewrite and I have some pretty cool ideas in mind.
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    Sounds great!
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    Hey man, i have a idea, When You right click a player with a gold sword it opens there inv, i was gonna do it but im busy atm!
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    A plugin where ops can make dragon lairs. Dragon would not fly or atack outside a certain radius.
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    Oh my. Niceeeeeee. I am so making this. They will have to have a required permission though.

    Hmm... sounds cool. PM me more details.

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    you should make a client or something client side it would be a challenge and you get to learn more about java coding if you get what i mean. wink wink.;)

    i'm making a server starter of my own sorry about the spelling if its horrible. i'm tired. this would give you a good chance to make smething great and it would be another challenge.:D

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    Last time I will say this. Im making PLUGINS. For MULTIPLAYER.

    Edit: Sorry I was in a bad mood when I typed that. Not to be rude. :p
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    Wrong section, and for the love of god, don't name it iChest, the 'i' format is abused enough.
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    What section would I put it in? And why should you tell me what to name my plugins?
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