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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by PirateEggs, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Could someone make, or direct me to a mod which you need a account, doesn't have to be premium you just need one to play in the server.
    It will check your username, if you don't have an account it will kick you, and say "Sorry, you need an account to play here", or some other form of database which can be updated through a server? A whitelist mod which checks a remote database.

    Is this possible and/or practical?
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    You bought the game...why do you need that?
  3. Greetings PriateEggs, this is already possible to do in the main config file for your server, its one of the first lines in the yml.! I hope this will help you!

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    Because I run a server, and a few people who are under-age and/or haven't bought the game yet.

    So, the server is set to Offline, but - then anyone can just walk in, instead of having a white-list I would like a mod that would make sure you're signed in, for either certain people (admins), or everyone, without actually have to purchase the game.

    I have offline-mode set, but I need a check for them having a FREE account, if their user isn't signed up on there, free or non-free, they will be kicked.
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    Hmm, I'm not sure entirely how possible this is. There are only a few methods of getting info from, and I don't think any of them will work for this. haspaid.jsp won't work because it returns the same for non-premium accounts that do or don't exist. getversion.jsp DOES in fact distinguish between premium and free; however, if only does this if you have the password right (the server doesn't have access to the password, so obviously this won't work). joinserver.asp won't work either here.

    Those are the only three developer-accessible calls I know of, and none of them will work here. I don't think this plugin is possible.

    And anyways, why would this be useful?? It takes all of 15 seconds to create a free user account, so why bother checking if someone has taken that 15 seconds or not?
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    You could use one of the plugins that make you use a password before you can do anything, and next time you join you have to put in the password before you can do anything. Don't know what they called tho.
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    xAuth. Very useful plugin.

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