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    Hello everyone, me and a few of my friends decided to go out on a limb and try to make a completely custom RPG server. We have been playing for a while and started on making some custom plugins already. We need help from you experienced devs on the bukkit forums to assist us in making these plugins and take on making a few of your own. These are the kinds of things we need help with currently. ( Red = Not started, Blue = Started, Green = finished)

    - Custom leveling system
    - Custom zones (safe, pvp, pve)
    - Custom equipment (Lore texts, custom damage, custom health boosts, custom special abilities, tiers)
    - Custom Shop system
    - Personal homes
    - Personal Shops
    - Trading system
    - and much more later

    If you want to help us out you can post below or join us in our esper irc channel #ProjectRPG
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    Wrong section.
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    You can always take a look at CustomProfessions if you want a temporary custom levelling system. Name any skill, make your own abilities using other plugins and make it seem like going to the next level in a skill grants you a new ability to use right away using console commands (permission command on level up). There is a video link in the description showing some skills in action.

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    CraftBook can do custom equipment through CommandItems and CustomCrafting.

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