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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tomomsius, Sep 27, 2011.

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    hello so i bought McMyAdmin and now what i want to do is set up mchat then permissionsbukkit mcmyadmin and other plugins in the best way i can do that so if anyone helps me with everything i have in mind i will pay 15$ paypal to that person thank you for reading msn [email protected]


    really? no one ? im running a server for 7 months now and i dont really supper alot of help i just need to optimize my server to mcmyadmin so anyone whos good with mcmyadmin can write

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    ill help. i run a server now with about 20 regular players, we have 3 running mcmyadmin, and im a linux guy. shoot me an email and i will get email you back with the info that i need.

    and so you can see that i am who i say i am, check out one of my server pages., and you can join our server and ask anyone in there who is the main OP. when you are ready, you can PM me here, or email me. i can do it today for you.
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    I can help you set this up, I've been running a bukkit for months, and know superperms/mchat very well. If you need help, either pm me here on the forums, or contact me on skype (User:specops343).
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