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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kencraftservices, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. So I got this amazing plugin called PVP Arena . Now I have a couple of complaints:

    1. When I do /pa install <module name> , it says 'Error while installing <module name>.'

    2. Is there anyway to reset the spleef map after a round of spleef without doing it manually?
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    So you saw the plugin page. Why don't you use the ticket system there? You would not have needed to PM me, you would already have gotten an answer by now :p

    1) Please file a ticket giving all needed information. The ticket template tells you . e.g. plugin version, craftbukkit version, and in your case, what kind of module, where did you get the module from, what did you do before trying to install? Please check your logfile if it spams an error.

    2) yep,
    * /pa install worldedit
    * /pa [arena] !tm worldedit
    * /pa [arena] set autoload true
    * /pa [arena] set autosave true

    if you don't have worldedit and don't want to use it:

    * /pa install blockrestore
    * /pa [arena] !tm blockrestore


    Make sure that you DO have a battlefield region AND that it is set to type BATTLE.

    /pa [arena] !rs

    Should list one region that is your battlefield , e.g. arena: regionname, COBOID, BATTLE
  3. Before installing, I had did /pa create spleef spleef, then I created the map. After that I did /pa spleef region. I selected the region and did /pa spleef region spleef cuboid (I selected the battlefield AND the lounge, is this correct?). Do I make it a cuboid or do BATTLE?

    Then, I tried doing /pa install worldedit, and it said 'Error while installing world edit'.
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    the cuboid was correct (yet unneeded, because cuboid is default, but nvm), and the battle is something else. cuboid is the >shape<, battle is the >type<

    /pa [arena] !rt spleef BATTLE
  5. So will doing this allow me to use /pa install?
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