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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mooey123, Mar 21, 2012.

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    So I have read many guides, watched many a youtube video, and have read dozens of forum posts and responses, but none can help me with my problem. Here are some issues I have had:

    • No IPv4 Address show in cmd
    • Which IP Address goes where? (i.e. External, Router IP, etc)
    • When I put a port in my router to froward do I need a range?
    • Do I use the IP of the device Im using on my router? (aka my desktop's ip shown in the devices connected to my router?)
    • Do I need to put ports to exclude/allow in my firewall?
    • What IP Address and port do my friends connect to?
    • Do I want my router IP in my server settings file or my external IP from my ISP??
    These are the major issues, if you could help me out that'd be swell :)
    Until then I will keep using Hamachi :/
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    I got confused when trying to set a static IP...

    at step 9, do I want to fill in the fields from info from my cmd from earlier? (because then I don't have a secondary DNS server number) or do I want to put in the information from my router?

    And when I install the ports in my modem/router/firewall do I want to use the IP my router assigned this computer or my external IP?

    My router also has an internet port IP address that's different than its IP address. What does that mean?

    Anybody? :/

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    What router do you use? If so just go to the default wireless page it should be under your router and should be like type that in the browser, log in yaddy yad yad ah and then look for port forwarding and port forward 25565 and look for your IPv4 address. That is the one you port forward the port 25565 to. Restart router, things should work.
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    My cmd doesnt show a IPv4 address, only IP...

    And I have a NetGear WNR2000v3 router. And I have that port forwarded for my desktop's IP that shows up in the detected devices section of my router info. And I assume I use this same IP in my server settings folder? And then when other people want to connect they connect via my external IP? If so they still can't for some reason :/ I tried adding the port 25565 to my modem and firewall too to no avail :/
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    So for your detected devices, you would pick the computer you have, it should be the ipv4 once this happens port forward the port 25565, then give the players your external ip. Which would NOT be ipv4.
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    And my external is what shows up when I google, "what is my ip?" etc?

    do they add :25565 at the end of that?
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    Ok your IP address is when you go to something that you search on google What is my ip correct. 25565 is a port so obviously they wont add that..
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    You can find out your external IP by googling "my ip"
    Quick Link! (Google's "my ip" instantly)

    When you port forward you normally don't have to put any IP in the IP field in the server configuration.
    I just skimmed though this so if im talking about already resolved stuff or something totally irelevant then sorry.
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