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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by epicman987, May 2, 2014.

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    Hello, im working on making a plugin for my server where as a police officer, you can handcuff people, a handcuffed person cannot move, cannot interact, and cannot build. I was also hopeing to make it where you could move or pickup a player once handcuffed, currently I cannot figure out or find any where the code required to be able to stop player movement once a command has been used on them. This plugin is for minecraft version 1.6.4. PLEASE HELP. Thank you in advance.
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    Store the player in a map and on PlayerMoveEvent if they are in said map cancel the event. You can "pickup" players by setting their Vehicles
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    Yes, learn how to strategize and think programmatically. Use your problem solving skills.

    Command execute
    Push sender to collection

    Check playermove
    Check existence of mover in collection ->
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    sorry about being rather dumb on the subject, I forgot to put in that I am also a new programmer in Java, and this is my first attempt at making something, I've made a mod that added blocks and items, but that's it.
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    List<String> players = new ArrayList<String>();

    //on an event
    // cancel the events

    and to add them just players.add(p.getName());

    Edit: well I got ninja'd
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    This is a bit advanced for your skill set...
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    You really need to look into the API a little bit more before asking questions about things you havent tried. You should also NOT be using MC version 1.6.4 since that is very outdated.
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    the reason I am using 1.6.4 is because the server is modded, and the mods are for 1.6.4 (long story, cant update them) so I'm making the plugin for 1.6.4, I've found a plugin exactly like this basically but its for 1.3.2, so i cant use it, there fore I thought about making my own,
    and yes this is a bit over my head, but the server is literally revolving around this working, so if there is a possibility I can do this, I'm going to try. (probably being stupid about this)
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