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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tim619, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Some people might not know how to use permissions infact some of thier server are maybe even just ops and players.
    Need some help?
    answer a reply here with the plugins you wanted with permissions and i'll message you the download link for you permissions
    Requirement to post on this thread:
    1.You must tell me what plugins do you want on permissions
    2.Tell me which plugins goes on what groups
    I want door shield on the warrior member selections
    3.Tell me which groups are inhertited
    So here a good example
    Dear, Tim I need your help my server have tons of griefer whitelist kinda help me a little bit but the whitelist prevent people from joining so i need you to please make me a 4 groups, Guest, Member, Trusted and Admins.
    Please make Guest just a guest where they can't build or do anything except Chatting
    Please make Members have a door shield plugins, let you set your home and go to spawn
    Please make Trusted be able to spawn items and kick and ban and let them inherit from members
    Please make Admin do anything
    [Your name]
    You will need a server ip so i could contact you whetever it is done.
    Q:What is inherit? or inheritance
    A:It is where a group can like.. it like a family a son can inherit from his dad's ability baseball or something.
    Q:What happen if mine crashes? and i'll attempt to sue you
    A:Uhh Don't try to when downloading this file you can never do anything to me.
    Q:Okay it crashes your fault ima say your just a big phony
    A:Nice try.. Either you didn't follow my instructions or you'll using a old craftbukkit
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    Q:What happen if mine crashes? and i'll attempt to sue you
    A:Uhh Don't try to when downloading this file you can never do anything to me.


    Honestly, don't. If people don't know how to write their own permissions, they shouldnt be using them. For a newbie to craftbukkit, I think learning permissions really helped me to understand (in part) the different commands and abilities that each plugin brought to my server. There are ample resources here already.
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    I actually think thats not a good example because they are asking you to do something for them. People should learn to do it themselves instead of relying on others. You see what I mean?
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    that what i doi make them understand when they download it they won't need my help anymore =) by readin the insturctions
    it too big to put in here pm me and i'll tell you
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    Dear Tim :)
    I need your help! Lately i've spent some hours gathering Nodes and setting up permissions, but then the Config files vanished from the face of the earth! And now i can't get Permission to work again! I've tried fixing this over and over again, but it have always ended up with failure.. and beside that i have a deadline to finish configuration of the plugins for a new Server (Through a tricky and weird Mcmyadmin console)

    You are Awesome if you really are willing to do this for me!

    - Members
    - Builders
    - Donators
    - Moderators
    - Admins

    Plugins with nodes:
    - Better mechanics
    - Essentials,
    - LWC
    - Worldguard
    - BOS Economy
    - Citizens
    - Iquest
    - MCMMO

    You can put all the permission nodes to all of the groups, giving them permission to everything. So that i can edit the groups by simply deleting nodes.
    (And by that, i dont mean by simply adding * on anyone but the Admin)
    NOTE: Mcmmo is incompadable with Permission 3.1.6, can you do this on 3.1.5?

    Thank you! Hope you are willing to do this!
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    i only accept text messaage lol.
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    My bukkit server wont let other people join how do I fix that
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    have you try port-fowarding? go on youtube vid to find out how to port foward
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    Ok, I could really use some help. My friend and i have a server, were running, Iconomy and Citizens. We were able to set up traders with Iconomy, but only Ops could use them. We figured out we needed a permissions mod to make non ops able to use them, so we installed Permissions, and tried that. followed some tutorials everything should have been working but no one even ops or admins couldnt use the traders, so after trying a bunch of tutorials and reading others permissions, we gave up. deleted that one then tried bukkit permissions. same problem. So we deleted that one and decided screw it we will just make everyone an op and we will just use iconomy and citizens. well citizens is no longer recognizing iconomy, we reisnstalled both still nothing. Iconomy is linked with citizens in the config. still not working in game.

    Anyway is it possible for anyone to just give me a permissions link to just copy for users and groups, and anyother info i need using only these 3 mods, Iconomy, Citizens, and any permissions that will work.

    If someone can help that would be great, i do not have our permissions as we raged and deleted all of it. We've been working on this for 2 days now.

    We had our permissions set up like this though. Under the group members

    1. - iConomy.access

    2. -*

    3. - iConomy.payment

    4. - iConomy.rank

    5. - citizens.use.*

    6. - '-citizens.create.*'

    7. - '-citizens.modify.*'
    no one could use any commands for these addons tho

    Also we tried with both having the ' before ' and after and without neither worked
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    It says: ''answer a reply here with the plugins you wanted with permissions and i'll message you the download link for you permissions'' in the post.
    But i've sent you a message if that was what you wanted me to do ;)
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